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  1. Troy'Fon Legacy

    This video will hit 2 million someday .. it’s hilarious

  2. Enby Weirdo

    This seems like a Brandon Rogers video

  3. Sushi Explosion


  4. Xuri Der Erzhäler

    I just realized that Hank's *_cheeks_* were Hella soggy

  5. brycen garrett the bottle of buffalo sauce

    0:17 Bruce is in their if you look

  6. ThatGoodGuess


  7. Jadon Abel


  8. Zb_Chillzone

    What...did....i... just....watch...?

  9. Skyviber 0

    I was not expecting an Akira Parity nicely done

  10. Alexander

    This is fucking genious. Meat Canyon is gonna be big!

  11. JunkyardGod


  12. Reagz T.V.

    Who else lost it and couldn't breathe when Minecraft music started playing at 0:42 ?

  13. Leonardo Loera

    That boi aint right !

  14. Kule Pickle

    We need a Hank vs Bruce fight

  15. Goldie Tamamo

    Contrasting this versus Umami's McFeels, gives one a whole new perspective on the phrase: "I'm livin' it."

  16. zingy zucchini

    It said April and it showed naruto and sasuke does that mean theirs gonna be a new naruto video

  17. The Grim Critic

    He sounds like Nathan from South Park.

  18. Aaron Lee Glenn

    Bruce, if you could marry any woman who would it be?

  19. Masked Moron

    This has to be a Akria reference

  20. Slugger

    Come to mcdonalds for a "double wide suprise,"

  21. Ruben Irons

    Why do Naruto sound like Donald Trump

  22. Alex E

    This shoulda been the season finale for KoTH

  23. SoggyFirewood


  24. Alexander Drinks Water

    When he said "That boy ain't right" it reminded me of the 1880's video when the man said "That there is Charles Eggman".... coincidentally, after rewatching, I saw that he said it in front of a painting of the valley from the 1880's video.

  25. Mr Higher

    *You need to join Adult Swim so other could witness PERFECTION*

  26. Mr. Slayer

    I tell you hwhat this video is very right

  27. Danielle Knight

    "I DON'T KNOW, DAYD?!"

  28. biggy bad boio


  29. Andrew G.

    1:14 was that supposed to be a JoJo pose?

  30. Flower Boi

    Great anime

  31. AnormalKidForever

    is it just me or do i like the way he talks- like its so calm

  32. Pepe Silvia

    Man this far cry 5 dlc looks really good.

  33. Retard Gang

    It would’ve been great if he kept pushing until his hands were blended off too and all the away up to his elbows were gone.

  34. Zuda


  35. Cameron Smith

    Dangit Bobby...

  36. BobShlob

    loved the akira reference there

  37. Tyler Williams

    My dada all ways keep it loaded

  38. Alejandro Arriola

    Everybody knows that sponge bob is gay

  39. Kameron Kingsbury

    Ladybird has seen some things

  40. Micah/Dark Fantasy Writer

    King of the Hill + Akira = THIS. LEGENDARY AF!

  41. Kameron Kingsbury

    Your best work yet

  42. Alejandro Arriola


  43. Marlon Lobo

    0:45 The poster on the wall

  44. Alex Mercer the [PROTOTYPE]

    Now picture Bobby chasing you in the dark halls like that when runs

  45. Icon Sana

    We need a part 2 please

  46. Dorian Davis

    Papa John has Sickle cell?

  47. Legion Of SnowBros

    This is a top 20 clip...

  48. Derek Shepard

    Bruce, what other skills do you have besides day drinking?

  49. Nick Anderson

    Yes lol

  50. Kawaii

    0:28 that calendar

    1. Kawaii

      0:39 that picture

  51. Franzur

    just noticed at 0:42 on the wall TRY THE BIG MAC U FUCK YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT ALIVE

  52. MrKingpiton

    😂😂😂 lmfaoo

  53. Joe500 The New Guy

    *That Boy Ain’t Right*

  54. Luis San

    Please dont call this crap anime. Its an insult.

  55. Akward chick

    I kinda like MacDonalds......😂😂

  56. Adult man Old dude

    Branson fire

  57. Jaywire

    Well I’m an idiot I totally didn’t see the newest video

  58. Camden Ritter

    "Herr rerr rer..rer" - Ladybird, 2020

  59. Cloonsy

    This is my 20th time watching this, send help.

  60. Federico Binaghi

    1:14 His knees. Those are the real abomination here.

  61. Dwight Mcclary

    0:35 damn I felt that

  62. Eduardo Dandolini Dutra

    Please make a sequel where the dog finally swallows that peanut butter.

  63. Hollow Guy

    Tbh gwen is the worst part lmao

  64. Hollow Guy

    I knew you two where fucking

  65. Bill Hill

    This is so fucked... I love it. Crush Rushford

  66. The Dwarf

    This one was great!!!

  67. いたさか

    Popov Vodka is like, the weakest dude. smh...

  68. 1 7 7 0 1 3

    Enemies by day... Lovers by night.

  69. kantib pengemis like

    For real though, why would WB copystrike this? Isn't parody something legal? I just watching Tom Scott explain copyright and how it works, and now I'm confused, again....

  70. mateodos

    I fucking knew I recognized that Mom's voice! Hahaha

  71. Contra Duval

    aint that a double wide surprise God Dayum

  72. Hollow Guy

    Squidbillies origins??

  73. Larry From the department of water and energy

    We have found perfection

  74. crookback

    Why isn't anybody talking about Logic? I agree, it's kinda bad.

  75. fickle pickle

    i used to not understand how woman get trapped in crazy relationships. I do now.

  76. Yojo Chimp

    Now this is comedy

  77. caleb Ultra Instictt

    Lmfap akira

  78. Adrian S

    The Akira reference got me 😂😂😂

  79. crookback

    please go on adult swim man

  80. Red Fox

    This was more epic then it shouldn’t have been

  81. ArAy ICE

    The propane tank😂

  82. Arunas Navickas

    Wtf how many teeth does he have dose he a billion hel defanatly destroy him

  83. Chungus Humungus

    Was really hoping right after the credits, hank would have just said "yup"

  84. pencildick


  85. Abysmal Gaming

    I don’t get it.... what’s up with the ending? Did we become the Big Mac?

  86. Jon Terrell

    Hank hill: propane slayer

  87. methenobody _

    I like this Akira shit

  88. Tacodog 76

    Every Hank and Bobby episode in a nutshell.

  89. Moto Productions

    Part 2 plz😂😂

  90. Blazing WuKong

    That my purse I dont know u lol

  91. Monty Arguezo

    Dude this is rad

  92. Decky

    Can we have a full song please

  93. The Almost PG-13 Channel

    can someone tell me what this was about

  94. Dude Man

    “That’s one clean burnin Bobby”

  95. Muzzly1234

    I think we can all agree that this fellow's parody of Caillou would be.. a lot to handle.