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  1. Kosh Frey

    This is the funniest moment in the timelapse of history

  2. Matthew C Parks

    3:55 One of the funniest lines by Theo, followed by an alienated Riff Raff 😅😆

  3. Jennifer Capitan

    The wife who is older than the statesman -She's not gonna know Macron the Premier of France, dude.

  4. Steff SK

    Love these two

  5. Manny Candelario

    The cool step dad. Good one

  6. onelove1968

    Will could easily play the co-starring role of John Candy's son in a comedic film, if the legendary JC was still alive today. Will and John are both brilliant, in their own unique ways.

  7. Miss Obscura

    For a second Theo almost started roasting that dude like Brendan 😂

  8. Bubbly Waters

    He said it perfectly! Being baffled by you Theo is the best part of this podcast! I love love love every single one of your podcasts and everything you do! You saved my life actually and I thank you for that! I'm certain I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. You need to take care of YOU as well. You take care of so many other people and I know it's a wear and tear on you. Please know that we care about you just as much as you care about us! Gang Gang!

  9. Andrew Alvarez

    Theo seems a little off today... "It works if you work it" js

  10. St James

    1:56:36 🤔

  11. Vincent David Underhill

    Brennan: "Most of my first kisses recently..." Me: don't want to hear it..fuckin nasty bruh

  12. Ckthomps

    Thank you Theo for the Jim McMahon story, I bet he was barefoot on that green, Gang

  13. Lane Montgomery

    Theo fucked

  14. Brittany Teague

    This is everything. I love their vibe so much, and Theo seems so comfortable!

  15. Katie Daley

    Theo looks like a beautiful specimen of a man; getting ripped during Quarantine, I see. #gang gang

  16. DaniRossi

    Anyone here in 2020 and have seen that video put out by the pentagon?

  17. Austin Meyer

    Theo worked in a bookstore on a fucking cruise ship. Thats one of the most Theo things ive ever heard of

  18. Melissa Lezama

    Michael would always be the best Lex Luthor ever, I wish they casted him instead of Jesse Einsenberg, that would've been awesome.

  19. jods

    Headband must be covering new hair plugs!

  20. Zach Wallin

    You look like a guy who has matches 😂😂

  21. Dean Ebbs

    Great episode, but is Theo pissed off at Bobby in all of this?

  22. Eastin

    The best way to say 🖕🏿is to put “this past weekend” ad page on the screen during the video! Awesome!

  23. Shishir Pradhan

    That painting looks like theo's brat younger brother

  24. Girl Afraid

    i just watched that dateline. shaun gayle was NOT the killer lol

  25. Serena del Mar

    God forgive me but I truly despise this Neal guy... what an ego-centric bean counter

  26. Entitled Millennials

    Am I made to understand that this is a clone of Neal Brennan? Neal Brennan 2.0?

  27. noahwarren

    279 • "Never had a wedding"

  28. Blast Oise

    Then please bring out some comedy specials

  29. Nathan

    LMFAO 😂🔥

  30. Brotha Clutch

    I can’t believe I didn’t make this connection before, but if they ever reboot the “Ernest Goes To ____” movies, Theo’s the guy. Or even if they want to bring back the Slinky dog in Toy Story. He sounds just like Jim Varney, albeit much younger. Same twang and all

  31. ygq_k 9.1

    "A roller coaster for a senior citizen" 32:26

  32. MultiDimwit

    This dude was destroyed by Jim gaffigan to oblivion that he asked his friend Roe Jogan to remove the Embarrassing clip which shows his stupid ass.


    If Coronavirus was a person his name would be Neal Brennan.

  34. Benjamin Chisholm

    This is an odd friendship haha

  35. Cale Holland

    Bill Burr is terrible during this.

  36. Taylor Taylor

    You two could easily have your own podcast. Neal is a great guest, you guys bounce off each other very well.... Neal Brennan Fridays

  37. Armando Armas

    Shes gorgeous 😍

  38. Cracker-Barrel:Kid 55


  39. Jack Straw

    Was Neal playing hoops with Jay Mohr when he pushed shower shoes into the pole???

  40. Dustin Murphy

    Pretty sure that wasn't what that "yes we Cain" bumper sticker meant lol

  41. Bradley Crowe

    Most savage pod cast ever lol. I love I love tori lane to




    The marketing geniuses at spotify : Mwahahahaha

  44. Guy Collishaw

    The whole Brendan Schaub thing at the end killed me. Breeson showers? Santino is the fucking best at getting people's names wrong on purpose hahaha.

  45. Ashton Walters

    Hes really a To-Go item.

  46. antonio sandoval

    Neal Brennen looks like a teenage Mr. Burns..

  47. thebeerguybrothaguy

    Nathan for you needs defending. That show is brilliant

  48. kriegerliebhaber

    Ang Lee not Scorcesse directed 'Sense and Sensibility'. Neal is probably thinking of Age of Innocence.

  49. Bless Gillette

    When your 1 of 10 how are supposed to develop a need for attention?

  50. Claudia Espinoza

    I like your chemistry.

  51. Frank Maitland

    99,579 dead its not real?

  52. Richard Huang

    For sure put Poirier in the title.

  53. Rob F

    Theo von is only 6 years younger than Neil. Let that sink in

    1. KN

      Oh wow, Neal is older than I thought.

  54. Andrés Barriga

    Even choosing to go into an ad in the middle of a AIDS conversation it's a funny Theo choice.

  55. Stephen Will

    Ouija board in the bathroom hahaha

  56. Ancient Future

    Neal looks like he's three years into his H.I.V medication.

  57. Ashton Walters

    A tall guy with a lot of socks.

  58. Nicholas Butler

    Awesome episode

  59. Ashton Walters


  60. Aziz Bouhejba

    theo von dude you should be part of the church of what's happening now because those episodes when you're there are a blessing to youtube

  61. Sherwin Hezarkhani

    Sense and Sensibility was directed by Ang Lee. just a heads up.

  62. A.I. Chihuaha

    how do 2 put of 3 men in the same room not know what a carburetor is?

  63. TheAbizzle2

    Yeah Theo Never really talks about his 20s

  64. G59 -007

    jesus christ Nick

  65. Aetherius Prime

    Bill Burr was one of my fav comedians. This ruined my perspective of him. Now I think he's that asshole older guy that you don't know if he's fucking with you or if that's just how he is. Either way what a dick. Probably worse because Theo is so nice to him. Rogan would of threw shots back. But he'd never do that shit to Joe.

  66. Agenda In Mind

    Every disease is based on the Germ Theory, which was the theory of ONE man over 100 years ago. It was never proven to be 100% valid. In order for a theory to be valid, it must be reproduceable in each and every person 100% of the time. If you cannot "catch" cancer, arthritis or diabetes from another person, then you cannot "catch" a cold or flu. There is no such thing that only SOME diseases are communicable, but not all. It's either all or none of them...they are all based on the same Germ Theory. What the media and government is doing to people is criminal. Western Medicine is based on fraud.

  67. Onasurftrip

    I remember when Simon Rex was an MTV vJ. He was the man. And damn if he hasn’t aged fucking so well. Dude literally looks the same age as he was 25 years ago. Incredible. Always loved how he would play his jew card.

  68. Onasurftrip

    Theo and Yung..... bonding over old fathers

  69. Brandon Rutledge

    For someone who can't be be president, Elon is more American than half our country.

  70. Jay Gee

    Everyone: UZsel needs a competitor Vimeo: ... *Weeps softly*

  71. Cameron

    It’s so great when Neal Brennan gets together with Theo, takes the poddy to another level. Get Schaub on the bench and get Neal in the game.

  72. Cwilliams1120 w

    Neal looks like the kinda guy who has full blown aids... For reals

  73. Veronica Gutierrez

    Christine looks great... <3

  74. Riggin Thorniley

    Do people not actually know what a carburetor is?

  75. Aziz Bouhejba

    I don't know this dude but he sounds like Theo Von alter ego..

  76. Andrew

    Maybe he said it in jest but how does Neil label Elon Musk a MAGA supporter just because he disagrees with the Gov of Cali... not everything has to be political.

  77. Brandon Mackinnon

    Have Zach rushing on as a guest.

  78. DERETRO v.1

    32:20 Neal: Did you ever see Malcolm X? Theo: I haven't seen Malcolm X.. Neal: Malcolm X is a good movie.. Theo: I've seen the original one... Lmao can't believe Neal missed that one

  79. TheGuy Flash

    Michael: I don’t know her Theo: so was she like.... DUDE!? He doesn’t know her like that

  80. Right Coast

    It is so great to see Jordan able to relax and just enjoy a conversation instead of playing constant defense. He's such a great person, who is really misunderstood. I don't think he is the type that is able to handle the level of shit that has been thrown at him, but it is up to him to find a way through it and I send him nothing but pure hope and gratitude for the impact he has had on me.

  81. P.Z.Y.

    I would watch this sitcom..!! They need to call Kenny powers(Danny McBride) and get this thing going..

  82. Ronnie McFarlane

    I want to preface this by saying that there's absolutely nothing wrong with this at all but, there were a few things said by Theo in this podcast that makes me think he may be in the closet. He seemed to slip up a few times and I'm sure that Sigmund Freud would agree.

  83. William Herman

    I can see why Chapelle went to Africa.

  84. scott6416

    similar to Sarah Palin

  85. Grant A

    Haha these guys should get to know the guys who fight high. There's a whole community of jujitsu stoners.

  86. Tiffany PoodleNPortland

    Answer= 1:08 minutes. That's why I can't get any URBANS to listen to this, or hell any of y'all podcasts 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🥺

  87. Tiffany PoodleNPortland

    Let's count it out! How long before this gets gay 🤷🏾‍♀️?

  88. Turd Ferguson

    Ugh Neil Brennan is the worst.

  89. Aleks Ignjatovic

    Fuck that little midget. He himself told a story on how he pretty much raped a girl. Fuck u , u little sick fuck.

  90. Lincoln Thomas

    Jeff Dye sounds like the dude that just repeats shit from Twitter. Also let someone else speak for a second there guy

  91. gbuko2391

    Neal looks like a food critic that has never given more than 3.5 stars on a review.

  92. Devlin Bearra

    Gang gang style

  93. Joel Gonyer

    Havent watched yet but guranteed he drops over 100 names

  94. Cameron Van Dusen

    These two need a podcast together

  95. Part 2

    anyone else get the feeling that Neil has seen every episode of Theo podcasts and is a low key super fan but acts like he hasn’t seen it to stay on an equal level as Theo

    1. Jerry Tapia

      Definitely. I get that vibe too.

  96. Family Overland

    So good.

  97. MaskHT MaskHT

    Ray Allan has the purest shot ever seen. Beautiful follow through if you have a son or daughter that wants to play basketball show them his shot best ever his and Dirk's.

  98. James Patrick Rabbitt

    Theo is funny sometimes but this interview was immature and Theo is really stupid

  99. Ardit Hashimi

    curious as to what you guys heard Neal say at 1:56:37?

  100. CashDayYoung

    Wearing that “Bridges of Madison County” shirt boiiiiiiyoooooo. That better be all of our favorite movie or you need to get your lives together