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    0:22 NOW I BELIEVE THAT HE DID SLEEP 3hr a day! He looked very tired!

  3. Nathan Waring

    They should have kept this in



  5. Mrsonic Doctor

    I am gold sonic and I am sonic to waw

  6. Skype-gaby Tout_court

    Poor old biff

  7. Phoenix Favela

    I remember i erased someone like that. I just wish i could remember how i did it.

  8. neniX CDM


  9. MCAdventurer

    This should have been in the movie! Really adds to it!

  10. 1975supermike

    That should have been left in

  11. Yogi Demis

    Dude should of actually got drunk too do that scene too make it more realistic.

  12. Best Chill Music

    Anyone from 2020? :)

  13. tom black

    Just like capitalism them

  14. Lord of Thunder

    Don't tell me Will didn't know you couldn't calculate that from 9 numbers on a board.

  15. Pdrew

    Dave’s not here man

  16. Big Trips Keepin it real

    Dave lol 😂

  17. Sammy L

    It’s crazy that they’re not actually roommates 😂

  18. Creative Channel • კრეატივი

    2:42 - This guy is clearly aiming on the Emperor, lol :d

  19. K.J. Hallingswest

    I think he was trying to play up the long term effects of alcoholism, Dave almost seems like he has suffered a stroke or some other kind of brain damage.

  20. echolot

    this film was made for "only" 7 million, makes you wonder.

  21. A Magnificent Cunt

    That wrist strap was so lose he has to make an effort to keep his hand up there.

  22. Sean Howell

    I see why it was cut!!🙄🙄

  23. Alex George

    1:40 WROOOOONG!

  24. Captain John

    Wish I could delete this scene from my memory! 🐄💨..😋🔫.. 🚬👓...

  25. Broderick Bowden

    I mean Fred sounds like Fred🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. Harold Farnal

    They deleted this barely two-minute scene? This is a huge crucial hole in the storyline of the movie series. Mia's reaction when Brian Earl Spilner (O'Connor) confessed needed a closure, but they left it as that. SMH

  27. Legionarul Squad

    He's not from around here....

  28. Dauda András

    When you son tells you to Man Up!

  29. Luis Estrada

    ey puto lmao i love j fox

  30. Thanks Uglydaddy

    Money Mitch frm Harlem

  31. Kathy Mack

    Some deleted scenes are so awesome. I'd sit through another 10 minutes of any of the great ones for these.

  32. L

    “Nothing happens to someone that he by nature is not fitted to bear.” -Ooooof

  33. Nice Guy

    Pleased Oliver Reed was cast. A good choice for this role. He had a great presence and the face of a lion. Very imposing! RIP!

  34. Алиан {Кlever}

    I won't have good friends...BECAUSE I'M NOT PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(0:43)

  35. Marianna Catellani


  36. marco relucio

    I’ll love her so much....

  37. Pijush A Sinha

    I have no damn idea, why youtube recommended it to me... Absolutely no idea... Quarantine is affecting youtube too...

  38. frajoelyouvid

    It looks like Maximuns can easily slip his hands free fro those chains 0:26

  39. zubair shaikh

    scott didn't showed what he got...!

  40. Itz Deathstroke

    This is just bad. This is just really really bad.

  41. HeroesSquad

    4:45 I'm sorry...What?! What made him disappearing? Is it because he changed the past? HE'S STILL ALIVE!

  42. HeroesSquad

    Remember that word, son: NI-

  43. Edify Salim

    that's loyalty for you, loyalty to the miles I mean

  44. King football10

    Kraglin is one of the best characters/nicest kindest characters in marvel

  45. Edizon Liray

    im not crying to the movie im crying cause is a true story im so sad im ganna cry

  46. Edizon Liray

    i really really allways cry if u watch the titanic let me just ask why they locked the 3rd class like what i rrally i fan i just wanna cry

  47. Maximilien Cortembos


  48. タランティーノエディ

    I feel like we live in the future if this time line

  49. CDG

    Hermione wears pink, Hermione wears pink, Hermione wears pink... Umbridge = Pink. Hermione wears anything else.

  50. Fezz Casares

    This would’ve made a lot of sense

  51. Vintage80s90sTVFan

    I wish we could have seen 2015-A (the future of evil biff's 1985). Would've been a depressing, Blade Runner futuristic sci-fi thing though. Since the Hilldale development was already a dump, the changes around Doc and Marty wouldn't be as noticeable. If they had flown to the Courthouse Square instead of going back to 1985, they would have seen the differences.

  52. Swastik

    Even four decades later it's ending is ambiguous.

  53. Nerco

    When was Velma a Hispanic

  54. Jakir Hussaiin

    On of the best movie ever

  55. MossMan

    I’m glad this awkward scene was cut haha. Fun to see though

  56. Nayops 19

    0:24 Buzz kill....

  57. Nayops 19

    1:30 2020 Watching❓🤣

  58. Doctor Sar

    Xerxes= cristiano ronaldo

  59. Quelqu'un

    One of the first useless character of the saga

  60. Jay Walker

    Now! How do you get out???

  61. Susan M

    Uh...I was today years old when I realized Michael J fox played his daughter. I literally had no clue

  62. Awkward Weirdo

    WHY DID THEY MAKE VELMA LATINA. STOOPPP IT. Like as a Mexican I can say that making white characters latinos ain't pleasing us. Just keep them white. It is very rare to actually pull that off and it pisses us off.

  63. TCY !

    Wtf is this??

  64. Jamie Qose

    That explains why there family becomes school teachers down the line.

  65. Erika Castro

    Vilma habla español? :0

  66. STH151NicoleFan

    You know, if Marty said he was Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan...then doesn’t that mean that George would use those terms his book and George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry would have to change the names in their series? Ergo, Marty obliviously changed the two greatest Sci-Fi franchises of all time.

  67. Katlyn Dobransky

    I love how everyone kept talking about how bad Shaggy’s voice is, but I’m pretty sure that Velma’s is the worst. I’ve never heard of her being Spanish or Latina until I saw this like what

  68. Danny Daniel

    A pretty good entry in the rapper cinematic universe

  69. Little Rissole

    Those abs 😍😍😍😛😛😛🤤🤤🤤

  70. Myungho Chung

    Did Daphne just say her father is an alcoholic?

  71. FlashTheGamer Slayer

    this Fred Daphne Velma shaggy are much better characters than the live version of Scooby Doo Like Scooby Doo the movie Spooky island Velma and Daphne and Fred was a bit to much the villian turned them to evil was really to much that's probably not how the storyline goes This movie is much better than that expect shaggy who we all agreed that Mathew liarrd does the amazing of the voice of shaggy

  72. Kristen555

    Good movie but I can see why this scene was deleted.

  73. CGH

    1:31 Absolutely love the look George gives Darth Vader.

  74. Fran Fran

    Is it just me or does Velma remind me of how Shadbase drew her or am I just going crazy

  75. WheresMyNoodle s

    When kid movies use to be good but now there all about the same thing. New people become friends, one does. Something the other hate, makeup, etc

  76. Bruno Leite

    All of these voice actors suck

  77. Deidre-Anna Patterson

    I watched this movie with the people at my church and we all cried

  78. Serene Da Sunshine Cat Studios

    Idk why but most of the Slytherins are hot

  79. Serene Da Sunshine Cat Studios

    0:01 I did not think that it w]as Jason Isaacs at all, I thought it was a Narrator, but suddenly... lol

  80. Benus Maximus

    For the sake of 30 seconds, come in Ridley...

  81. Ravi Rao

    Why have they written bts its not even related

  82. Ben Goldstine

    yeah im glad that was cut

  83. Joseph Cribari

    Terrible acting

    1. Ranuyasha

      That's why it was cut

  84. alex a

    i can’t express how much i miss this

  85. Rajeev Kumar

    ye movie dekh ke aap fantasy ke world mai chale jaoge you want to watch this movie guys

  86. God is for real Prove he does not exist

    God is for real Prove he does not exist The thumbs down had to from Richard Vernon And his family. What a Brownie hound!!!!!

  87. Catalina Cuevas

    Me gusto cuando canto barb

  88. Vik101

    Plot twist.. his brother was sitting in the passengers seat.. But Dom couldnt see him

  89. Captain Rex of the 501st

    Help me anakin I’m too weak I can help save padme 0:28

  90. Ryad IGD


  91. Darkgreen Marine

    How dare they cut out a scene with Sam Elliot in it, sombitches!

  92. Joseph Denby

    1:59 2:00 You have to pay for Netflix?

  93. Kosta dean

    Poor Dk

  94. Đorđe Žutić

    I love this guy.. such a responsible actor, in a play of a human history I love the way he connected to it very sophisticated too

  95. Uncledanni

    I physically cringed when he said he was gonna feel up his mother. 🤢

  96. Big Cat

    Em and 50 are good actors em isn’t really interested in that career but 50 on the other hand have done a good job making something out of that skill.

  97. Jennifer McCabe

    Personally the way they fought in the mall is just how me and my dad argue in the mall about what I can have

  98. Jennifer McCabe

    Wow this mom was so funny and needy towards cathy her daughter

  99. Scale Model and Restomod Project

    Recommendation <3

  100. Dawson Grillo

    hover boards do exist there like a halo skateboard with no weels it is filled up with liquid nitrogen and can hover over a copper surface